Writing Tips for Article Marketing – Brush Up Your Skills to Write Compelling Articles

Writing Tips for Article Marketing – Brush Up Your Skills to Write Compelling Articles

When you write content for your website, hopefully you take great pains to make sure they are all of the following:

* Accurate

* Eye-Catching

* Interesting

* Action-Oriented

You want the content on your site to draw in readers and make them trust you. You want your site to be seen as an accurate, informational, and very valuable resource.

It should be the same way with article marketing. You want to present a professional, knowledgeable, and friendly tone with well written articles that compel your readers to take action. That means your articles have to be all of the things listed above!

1. Accurate

You would never post something on your website that you don’t believe to be 100% accurate, and you should never fill up an article with inaccuracies either. There is the temptation for many people to boast in their articles and make claims that are not entirely true. That might compel more readers to click through to their website to find out more, but they will not be happy readers once they realize they were misled and duped!

It’s best to be completely honest and deliver accurate information through your articles. That is what will make readers respect you and want to see what else you have to offer.

2. Eye-Catching

Writing titles may seem like such a minor aspect of writing an article, but it is one of the most important aspects of your entire article campaign! Most directories will have hundreds of articles, if not hundreds of thousands that deliver almost the exact same information you are giving out. Readers may scroll through that long, long list of article titles just looking for something to jump out at them as original and fresh. That is the one they will actually read and that is likely the person who will receive their business in the end.

Make your titles eye-catching and interesting. Make them demand attention so you stand out from the crowd.

3. Interesting

Once you grab their attention and suck them into your article, what they read has to be interesting. You don’t want to give away all of your secrets, of course, but you want to give your readers enough that they are interested in hearing more from you. Make them want you more, rather than making them turn away mid-article.

If you allow your keyword research to guide and focus the content of your articles, you can be sure to write about topics that are in high demand with consumers in your market at any given time.

4. Action-Oriented

There should always be a call to action where you get your readers to click through to your site or take some other action on the spot that will be beneficial to you. The key here is “on the spot.” You want to compel your readers to take immediate action, because most of them may never come back if they just bookmark you “for later.”

Don’t beat around the bush or be too vague. Tell your readers what they must do to find out more information, fix their problems, or otherwise find what they are looking for. This is done through great content and a great call to action in the end.

Once you get started with article marketing you will need a great rewriting tool such as this one: example.com. Check it out and get your articles circulating now!

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