How to Write Compelling Articles

How to Write Compelling Articles


You know how valuable article marketing can be for your online business, but how are you supposed to get those grammatically correct, informative and compelling articles without ripping them off from someone else? The worst thing you can do for yourself is plagiarize work from someone else, so here are a few tips on coming up with your own articles in a cost and time effective manner.

Keyword Research

The first thing you have to do is come up with a list of keywords, which you have researched and found to be related to your business in some manner and highly searched on the leading search engines. If you have already made a keyword list for other SEO purposes, then this step is done for you! Get the list out and center each article you write around one or two of those words and phrases.

These keywords must be highly relevant to your business or niche. Let the keywords guide the content of the articles, which will ensure that you are writing material that will be of interest to your target market. You can combine 2-3 different keywords in one article as long as they are closely related and work well with one another within the context of the article.

Substance & Originality

Whether you are writing your own articles or outsourcing them to someone else, you have to make sure they offer something of substance that others will benefit from reading and that they are highly original. If you know a lot about your subject, it’s best to write your own articles or at least give your freelance writer a very detailed list of what you want included in each article. This cuts down the chances of getting work back that is all fluff and uninteresting.

Unless you are very bad at grammar or simply don’t have time to write, you should write your own articles to ensure they are original and say something worth reading. Your articles will establish you as a knowledgeable expert to be trusted or a complete scam, so make the content of your articles a top priority.

Quantity Counts

Once you have compelling articles, get your hands on a rewriting tool and have them reworded so you can submit multiple versions for additional impact and greater rewards. You can find compelling rewriting tools online and they will help you take one article and spin it into many different versions instantly. This cuts back on the time you must spend writing your own articles for submission.

There are also submission software products which will submit your articles to hundreds of different directories at the click of a button. They are worth their price if you want to launch a massive article marketing campaign.

Technical Details

The worst mistake you can make with article marketing is to put out work that makes no sense, is inaccurate, or which is so grammatically flawed it is a pain to read. You want articles that flow well from the first sentence to the last and which encourage the reader to click the link at the bottom and find out more about you.

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