How to Use Data Mining for Search Engine Optimization

How to Use Data Mining for Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most useful ways to successfully grow a blog. When readers can find your site more easily, your viewership can increase more rapidly. When you have more readership, you can expand and start to get sponsors and make money from your blogging endeavors.

Driving SEO traffic to your site can seem complicated or confusing at first, especially if you’ve never dealt with it before. If you’re a new blogger, don’t get frustrated by new terms. By learning a few quick and easy tricks to market your site, you can have new readers to your blog in no time.

With the use of data mining, you can find keywords that are driving interested readers to sites like yours and build the keywords into your site to bring new, meaningful readers directly to your site.

In this article, we’ll go over the basics of SEO, what data mining is, and how to implement it into your site. Once you learn the basics, you can take these skills to your own site and start building traffic.

How to Build Meaningful Traffic

While you’re starting out, you may be just looking for numbers. You want people to visit your site, and you don’t much care who they are or why they came. If you are planning to build a blog that generates income, there’s an important difference between getting numbers to your site and getting interestedpeople who really want to read your blog.

Look at it this way: you could put a bunch of keywords in your site and draw a large number of people initially, but if they aren’t actually interested in the subject matter and only stumbled across it because of the keywords, they aren’t likely to stay for very long or revisit your site. If you instead put meaningful, relevant keywords into your site that will attract interested viewers, it might take a bit longer to build viewership but you will be able to maintain your viewers and keep them coming back. With this kind of reliable traffic, you will also be able to build sponsors who will pay to be a part of your site.

How to Choose the Right Keywords

There are two kinds of keywords: regular keywords and long tail keywords. A regular keyword is something simple, maybe a single or a couple of words that cover a broad range of topics. These kinds of keywords will generate a huge number of results in search engines but they can be extremely competitive. Creating a new site that ranks highly in a competitive keyword search is very difficult, but you can focus your search engine optimization on a long tail keyword that will direct more specific searches to your site.


Let’s say someone searches for “weight loss diets” or “weight loss plans.” There are an enormous number of sites that cater to this request, and most of them are very well known, established health and wellness sites. Now let’s say someone searches for “weight loss diets for women over 35.” This will drastically filter the readers who are looking for a more specific result and direct them to your site.

What is Data Mining?

Data mining is basically a process to figure out what keywords will most benefit your site. This helps to discover patterns of searches that are directing readers to your blog and can help determine what long tail keywords you should use to further increase your readership.

Let’s put this into practice. First try to rank in search results for a short-tail, competitive keyword. For example, “weight loss diets for women.” Once you start getting traffic for this keyword, you will find that you will get traffic from people searching that exact phrase but also from people who are searching similar phrases. These similar phrases include “weight loss programs for men,” “weight loss programs for pregnant women,” “free weight loss diets,” and “best weight loss programs.” The similar phrases won’t rank the site highly, but they’re still on the same radar.

So now that we know what other keywords direct traffic to a site ranked for “weight loss diets for women,” we can start to get rankings in searches for the other, similar phrases as well. This way, people searching for any of the phrases listed above will be directed to the site that previously only got major traffic from searching the main keywords.

Increasing Traffic to Your Site

This simple process of targeting one or two keywords then building up long tail keywords that stem from your search results will help you generate more traffic to your site.

A single long tail keyword added to your site may only very slightly increase your site’s traffic, but if you follow these steps for a big number of long tail keywords, you have the potential to increase your readership by a great deal.

These tricks can help send thousands of new viewers to your site if you follow the steps and find useful keywords. The more effort you put into your blog, the more readers you can obtain and maintain. The more visits you have to your site, the easier it is to get sponsors and make money from your efforts.

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